Application of International Humanitarian law Standards
JUDr. Pavel Liška

Due to some agreements on the acts of the international humanitarian law countries have undertaken extensive duties in their implementation. They are the commitments which must be met prior to the armed conflict breaking out and also in its course. The implementation is influenced by recent globalization processes characterized by proceeding changes in the traditional concept of state sovereignty. This activity is getting urgent currently. Dissemination of the international humanitarian law knowledge at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic has not been duly highlighted so fat but the Academy is able to contribute specifically to disseminating knowledge of humanitarian rules whose bearer besides other subjects the Czech Republic is. Within the given context some particular adjustment to lectures on the public international law is being prepared now.
Keywords: Globalization, international relations, armed conflicts law, international humanitarian law, law of Geneva, law of the Hague, International Committee of the Red Cross, UN, implementation, dissemination.