The Functioning of Crisis Management System in Poland. Threats and Citizen Safety During Critical Situation – Flood in Bogatynia 2010. Research Report
Jacek Dworzecki, PhD.

The main aim of the paper is to present social assessment of the efficiency of Polish crisis management system, basing on the performance connected with natural disaster (flood), which took place in south-western part of Poland, in Bogatynia (zgorzelecki district) in August 2010. Moreover, the text characterizes notions connected with human right to safe existence, presents the classification of threats and discusses (in brief) crisis management system, which currently operates in Poland. The research paper includes the analysis of information obtained from a questionnaire, applied as a research technique. The research tool included a questionnaire form, which has been correctly completed by 186 residents of the city where catastrophic flood took place.
Key words: threat, disaster, flood, crisis management.