Preliminary Passengers Assessment to Increase Security in Civil Aviation
Bc. Ing. Daniel Maršálek, Bc. Ondrej Palatáš, doc. Mgr. Ing. Radomír Ščurek, Ph.D.

Preliminary passengers assessment as one of the essential parts in ensuring the security of civil aviation – this is a subject of the submitted article. In the beginning of the paper, it describes current status, including several of its modifications. In the second part of the text, system is optimized, both in terms of protection of passenger data, and in terms of increased security. The system is able to compare, in the real-time, data from multiple databases and based on this establish the status of the passenger. All this even before arriving at the airport for departure.
Key words: airport, attack, CAPPS, database, optimalization, passenger, security, preliminary assesment, terrorism.