Comparison of Dealing With Problems of the Right of Assembly in the Legal Regulation in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia
Mgr. Lenka:Burdová

The contribution was made in the context of part-scientific research task 2/3 “Identification and Characterization of Selected Sociogenous Emergency Events” and represents, in addition to the pilot version of the proposal to amend Act No. 84/1990 Coll. on the right of Assembly, one of the outputs of this task. The author comparise legislation, Assembly rights in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the partial alternations and modifications originally identical legislation after the split of the State. The aim of the contribution was to compare the Act No. 84/1990 Coll. on the right of Assembly (CZECH) with the Act No. 84/1990 Zb. o zhromažďovacom práve (SLOVAKIA), including related legislation of the individual institutes in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. Contribution rates, which the adjustment in individual aspects of better reflects the current situation and problems, which must be on the rights of the Assembly to address the practice, including the interpretative problems dealt with by legal theorists, and with which the practice applies in the context of case-law.
Key words: comparison, extremism, the person which assemble, attendee of the assemblage, autority, Law No. 84/1990 Sb. on the right of assembly.