New Possibilities for Influencing Crime
doc. JUDr. Roman Svatoš, Ph.D., College of European and Regional Studies ops, Czech Budejovice, Department of legal disciplines and Security Studies

One of the basic tasks of the state but also other entities is the security of citizens against crime. The task is not managed to realize satisfactorily despite the considerable efforts of involved entities, as evidenced of high crime rate. One of the causes of this situation is poverty of information about crime too, therefore information which are required for the analysis, prognosis and hence to its effective influence. It is necessary to using new technological possibilities in order to streamline the fight against crime, such as for example geographic information systems that will allow such work with data on crime that will lead to obtaining qualitatively better information about crime, thus the possibilities of its effective interaction.
Keywords: crime, crime statistics, prediction of crime, geographic information systems, crime maps.