Impact of the Strategic Focus of the Czech and Saxon Police Forces on the Mutual Cooperation
JUDr. Jörg Petermann, Zwickau Police Headquarters, Police Board

Article deals with the subject matter of strategic management of international collaboration between national institutions whose tasks include safety matters. These collaborative relationships are, considering the contemporary societal developments within the European Union countries, extremely brisant nowadays. Therefore the research project`s mainly aims – through the analysis and evaluation of collaboration between the German and Czech police forces, including the analysis of limiting general conditions both within and beyond these respective organisations – at gaining the information enabling to cooperate even better in the future and to create recommendations for managerial concepts of solving the actual problems. The results should serve the executive management of the police organisations in question as a reliable information source of knowledge in the framework of the strategic planning process.
Key words: European area of security, European security strategy, concept of the EU internal security, development of international police organizational strategies, international cooperation of police organizations, European police cooperation, the Police of the Czech Republic, the Police of the Land Lower Saxony, transboundary crime, international police management, international strategic management.