Verification of the Anti-Corruption Effect the Integrity Tests – Survey
pplk. JUDr. Josef Hrudka, Ph.D., Faculty PA Security Legislation of the Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Police Activities

This scientific article is a continuation of the scientific article “Verification of the Anticorruption Effect of the Integrity Tests – Time Series Analysis” and is the result of a partial research task of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague “Integrity Tests – explanation, application, effectiveness”, which is focused on an examination of the preventive effects of the so-called integrity tests in the Czech Republic. The objective of the presented empirical research steps is to verify the anticorruption effect of the integrity tests, this time by applying the explorative method, specifically a questionnaire survey and a non-standardized interview.
Key words: Integrity test, General inspectorate of security forces, Corruption, anti-corruption effect.