Scenarios of Integrity Tests – Research Findings
pplk. JUDr. Josef Hrudka, Ph.D., pplk. Mgr. Viktor Koudelka, Faculty PA Security Legislation of the Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Police Activities

The first part of the scientific article discusses the development of legislation and the reasons leading to changes in wordings of the law in case of the integrity test that affects the possibility or the diversity of induced situations which must be solved by tested persons. The next section provides information on the scenarios of the integrity tests published in the media. The matter of the article is completed in the insight into research findings of the research project of Police Academy of Czech republic in Prague number 3/6 “Integrity test – an explication, aplication, an efficiency”, containing informations on the police officers and their specific ideas about the scenarios of the integrity test within its sort of service and whether the respondents think that the offer of a bribe is a common scenario of the integrity test.
Keywords: Integrity test, General Inspectorate of Security Forces, misdemeanor exemption.