Education and Training in Protection Against Floods Using Computer Simulations
JUDr. Karin Plincnerová, Ing. Zdeněk Rathauský, Mgr. Soňa Cempírková, Center for the Safe State o.s.

The article deals with the involvement of simulation technologies into the educational process in the field of crisis management, particularly in flood protection. It describes a project developed within the security research which aims at improving education and training in this area and explains all the phases of project processes and their results. The article also describes the main research “Simulátor 3D Povodeň”, its basic functions and possibilities of further use in practice. The simulator is suitably complemented with a handbook with supporting web which forms the knowledge basis of the entire project and a database of additional information, including a list of emergency funding options.
Keywords: floods, simulator, education, training, financing.