Direction of Intelligence Support in the Future Operations of Czech Armed Forces
Ing. Martin Havlík, MBA, MSc., Ministry of Defence Czech Republic

The aim of this article is to depict the issue of direction trends in the intelligence support of the future operations and to emphasise the possible trends of security operations development in the future, especially NATO and EU led operations. The first chapter depicts the operational environment and its relation to the current armed conflicts, followed by the chapter on historical context of intelligence disciplines during the Cold War. Next chapter analyses predicted conflicts development in the near future. It is followed by the description of importance of partial dimensions and the direction of future conflicts and operations. Next chapter gives a short term prediction of defence capabilities and complex security which leads to the partial analysis of possible participation of the Czech Republic in the future operations. The final chapter evaluates the importance of intelligence disciplines in the future operations and outlines certain reaction possibilities of security forces and the direction of intelligence subjects.
Keywords: Intelligence support, future operations, intelligence, defence capabilities, hybrid warfare, sharing information.