Corruption and its International Comparison Using the CPI
Mgr. Elizbar Rodonaia, Business and Economics Faculty of Life Sciences in Prague, Department of Economic Theories
Mgr. František Hřebík, Ph.D., PA Security Management Faculty of the Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Management and Informatics

CPI used by an international organization Transparency International focuses on corruption in the public sector of monitored countries; it ranks the countries according to the degree of corruption perceptions in the public service among civil servants and politicians. Despite the fact that such developed economies as Denmark, New Zealand and Finland ranks among the least corrupt countries in the world in 2014, less developed Georgian Republic managed to rank 50th place ahead of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This proves that not only the economic level of the country, but also legal and moral status of the country is important for the rise of corruption.
Keywords: Corruption, corruption measurement, CPI, GDP, Georgia.