The Understanding of the Motivation of Writers as a Prerequisite for Effective Prevention of Illegal Graffiti
Mgr. Lukáš Urban, Ph.D., Faculty of Security Management PA Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Social Sciences

The second part of the paper surveys the basic motives and needs that may the writing and membership in a graffiti community saturate. Subsequently, the author summarizes the arguments for and arguments against the sharing of the common world.
The concluding part of the paper tries on the basis of introduction offered by graffiti post / subculture and the interpretation of the motives of writers for their work and participation in the community to present the basic pillars of prevention of illegal graffiti, to think about the meaningfulness (efficiency) of the repression and prerequisites for the partnership communication We and Them.
The leitmotif of the text is to create a prerequisite for the less conflicting sharing of the world.
Keywords: Motive, need, identity, amusement, rebellion, prestige, individual exhibition, preventive measures, understanding and dialogue.