Terrorist Attacks on the Metro
Mgr. Zdeněk Hon, Ph.D., Alexandria Martinelli Van Praag,
doc. PhDr. Jan Eichler, CSc., prof. MUDr. Leoš Navrátil, CSc., Ing. Václav Navrátil, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Department of Health Professions and Population Protection

This article deals with one of the major soft targets of terrorist attacks, the underground. World metro systems are means of public transportation with a high concentration of passengers in a relatively confined space, with a limited possibility of fast evacuation. The article provides basic information about the Prague metro and its containment system, along with a summary of previous metro terrorist attacks which took place in different cities. In addition, this article places a key focus on the London terrorist attacks of 2005 and based on that experience provides possible protective counter-terrorism measures. The article concludes with a study done using the Prague metro to determine how to efficiently respond to a mass casualty event.
Keywords: Terrorism, Metro, Integrated Rescue System.