The use of Exploratory Factor Analysis for Variables Reduction in Researching Crime Committed with Mobile Phones use
Dr. Zdeněk Kovařík, CSc., Science and Research Department PA in Prague
Alena Pejčochová, M.A., PhD student, PA ČR in Prague

This article focuses on verification of approved fields in researching crime committed with mobile phones use based on an exploratory factor analysis. It contains all particulars necessary for a scientific and inter-subjective verification of presented results. The paper gives a relatively detailed description of the procedure and interpretation of each solution. The results of exploratory factor analysis are achieved by using a modern software for exploratory factor analysis of ordinal variables, freeware Factor 10.3.1.
Keywords: Exploratory factor analysis, polychoric correlation matrix, rotated loading matrix – Promin, Bartlett’s statistic, Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin (KMO) test, McDonald’s Omega, Root Mean Square of Residuals (RMSR).