The Impact of Modern Communication Tools and Media on the Radicalisation of Islamic Subculture in Western Europe
Ing. Martin Havlík, Ph.D., MBA, MSc., Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic

The main goal of this article is to interpret the issue of the impact of modern communication tools and media on the radicalisation of Islamic subculture in Western Europe. The first chapter deals with today´s security phenomenon with a view to islamofobia in connection with terrorist attacks in Europe. This chapter is followed by the description of radicalisation of muslims in Europe and its possible subdivision. The aim of the next part is to analyse the main causes of radicalisation in Western Europe. The following chapter describes the use of social networks and other communication tools for radicalisation which leads to a partial analysis of main factors influencing the success of muslims radicalisation in Europe. The final chapter summarises some recommendations of security and intelligence subjects how to combat muslims radicalisation.
Keywords: Radicalisation, security, social networks, communication, intelligence, threats, sharing of information.