US Presidential Candidates and Their Future Foreign Policy
Mgr. Jiří Víšek, Faculty PA security management of the Czech Republic in Prague, Department of public disciplines
Marek Cimpl, M. A., graduate of the Metropolitan University of London, UK

This article elaborates on the foreign policy of the two main presidential candidates. United States of America is still the only superpower in the world and its president and commander-in-chief will have many difficult decisions to take. The article first looks at the democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her experience with the foreign policy as a Secretary of State. In the second part, Clinton’s ideas and opinions on various issues and conflicts in the world are being analysed. In the third part, the republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his foreign policy is researched and analysed in the same way. The focus is also put on their expected foreign policy direction if they were elected. The data is gathered from candidates’ previous speeches or interviews, and from the official campaign webpages as well as from the comments of political and foreign policy analysts.
Keywords: US election, Clinton, Trump, foreign policy, Syria, China, Democratic party, republican party.