Burnout Syndrome of the 112 Emergency call centre Operators
PhDr. Jitka Veselá, Ph.D., Mgr. Helena Buchtová Lišková, Faculty PA Security Management of the Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Social Sciences

The article analyses the issue of the burnout syndrom. The analysis is a kind of a proxy to the environment of the emergency call centre known as “112”, the employees of which became the object of the research. Not only does the article provide an overview of the results of this emergency call centre analysis, but it also proposes particular improvements.
The burnout syndrome represents a current issue, especially in case of a fire brigade and its managers. Alternatively, the burnout issue can be taken into account when introducing potential changes in the training conception at the emergency call centre 112. The issue should be also part of the preparation for starting a career at 112.
Keywords: Burnout syndrome, operators of a call centre, communication demanding situations.