Euro 2016 in the Perspective of Sport Mega-Events: With Illusion of Security and Fun Against Terrorists?
Mgr. Vendula Divišová, Masaryk University, Brno, Faculty of Social Studies

The European Football Championship held in France in 2016 provides another opportunity to analyze security arrangements from the perspective of sport mega-events. The article describes security measures and discourse justifying their adoption, as well as everyday security provisions in the course of the tournament. Contradictions between the security situation and the official discourse suggest a primacy of the symbolical level of sport mega-events. In France, the goal of the official discourse was above all a confirmation of national identity and cohesion against the threat of terrorism. Interpretations of violent incidents in the stadium as well as in the streets were then characterized as a trivialization, an image of supporters’ irrationality and a privatization of responsibility’.
Keywords: sport mega-events; Euro 2016; security measures; football hooliganism; crowd disturbances; terrorism.