Detection of Public Procurement Crime
doc. Ing. Lubor Hruška, Ph.D.; Ing. Ivana Foldynová, Ph.D.; Ing. Radek Fujak; Research Institute ACCENDO – Center for Science and Research, Ing. Vratislav Dvořák, Ph.D., Faculty of Security Law of the Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Criminal Police

An article dealing with public procurements highlights the importance and benefits of analytical work in the mentioned problems. It should mainly help investigators who are inexperienced in this kind of crime so they are able to learn potential ways of public procurement crime commission and also to be concentrated on the description of so called risk indicators from the viewpoint of contracting authority/supplier. These indicators could be for the investigators the very first signals raising their suspicion on illegal acting in awarding public procurement.
Keywords: Public Procurement, Forensic and Tactical Methods, Procurement authorities, Indicators, Corruption.