Scenarios of Integrity Tests – Research Findings from the Environment of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic
pplk. JUDr. Josef Hrudka, Ph.D., Faculty of Security and Law PA in Prague, Czech Republic, Department of Police Activities

The article presents research findings of scientific research of the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, the aim of which is to get knowledge relating to the reliability test within the Prison Service of the Czech Republic and the Czech Customs Administration. The first part of the article provides information on the scenarios of the integrity tests published in the media. The empirical part of the paper gives information on the respondents and their specific ideas about the scenario of the integrity test within their service/work position and whether the respondents think that the offer of a bribe is a common scenario of the integrity test with consequent verification of impact of substantive significance of independent variables – service/ work position on these findings. Regarding the character of the empirical part the focal point lies in an explorative method. The sample was composed of 1377 respondents of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. The bases for the data analyses were not methods of inductive statistics, but methods based on the concept of “substantive significance”. The conclusion of the paper includes a summary of the research findings and their applicability in the area of security management.
Keywords: Integrity test, Prison Service of the Czech Republic, General Inspectorate of Security Forces.