Situational Prevention versus Protection of Personal Data
Mgr. Vladimír Oliberius, Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague

Situational prevention measures are one of the possibilities how to prevent crime and socially pathological phenomena. However, in practice situational prevention measures face certain limits. One of the limits is protection of personality. The Statement No. 9/2016 of the Office for Personal Data Protection is cited in the paper. In the Statement, the Office mentions the arguments due to which the monitoring of public areas is inadmissible. The paper presents the arguments based on municipal safety practice, term interpretation and quoting of specific legal norms. It is essential for the opposite argumentation to explain the terms of public order and internal security. Based on this, the arguments supporting the right of municipalities to monitor public areas with a video recording system are explained.
Keywords: situational prevention, restriction of situational prevention, video recording system, personal rights, Statement of the Office for Personal Data Protection, internal security.