Creating Scenario with Using Forces and Resources of the Czech Armed Forces in Case of a Terrorist Attack
pplk. Ing. Janka Kosecová, Ph.D., Ing. Roman Kopřiva, University of Defense in Brno, Center for Security Military Strategic Studies

The authors highlight a need for developing certain military types of scenarios in which the Czech Armed Forces can deploy its special forces. The emphasis is placed on the scenario in case of a terrorist attack. In addition, some analytical methods for writing scenarios are explained.
The PESTLE analysis is performed in details although it might not be exactly in line with the experts’ views. The key players’ analysis deals with any role which is connected with the terrorist attack consequences.
In conclusions the authors present general recommendations that should be considered when these scenarios are processed. These scenarios may also be useful for elaborating strategic documents.
Keywords: Scenario, terrorism, key players, PESTLE analysis, driving forces.