Forensic and Psychological Aspects of Fraud Offender
Mgr. Martin Vyskočil, Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Ph.D. student

The article aims at addressing the forensic-psychological aspects of a perpetrator of fraud – basic terms, selected typology of fraud perpetrator according to selected forensic-psychological and criminological aspects.
The first part of the article includes necessary definitions of selected basic terms of the issue – fraud, fraudster and psychology of personality.
The second part of the paper deals with the typology of the perpetrator of fraud according to the selected forensic-psychological and partly criminological aspects. The author draws on the results of selected foreign research of available Czech and foreign literature related to the issue.
Keywords: Fraud, insurance fraud, perpetrator, psychology of personality, perpetrator typology, forensic psychology, perception of perpetrator, criminogenic factors, protective factors, theory of corporate psychopaths.