Response of the Body to Stress due to an Emergency
doc. Mgr. Ing. David Ullrich, Ph.D., MBA, Faculty of Military Leadership, the University of Defence in Brno, Department of Leadership
Ing. Jan Kyselák, Ph.D., Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Department of Population Protection
Mgr. František Vaněček, Physical Training and Sport Centre, The University of Defence in Brno

The extraordinary events associated with the need to activate emergency plans have been accompanying our society quite often in recent years. Of course, this activation often affects the population as well. The co-authors, therefore, on the basis of the experiment and the psychophysical, mental and professional condition offer a view of the abilities of a selected group of the population to cope with specific conditions with the burden that was modeled by the evacuation on foot. They also offer a view of the body’s response to the stress caused by this extraordinary event modeling.
Keywords: Evacuation on foot, experiment, obstacle, leadership, load, mental and professional conditions, population protection, psychophysical, safety.