Exact Estimation of Factor Composition of Security Threats for the Czech Republic
Mgr. Lenka Jakubcová, prof. Ing. Bedřich Šesták, DrSc., Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security Management, Department of Crisis Management
Dr. Zdeněk Kovařík, CSc., Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Science and Research

The paper focuses on the issue of organisation of 34 selected security threats with which the National Security Audit works into broader areas, based on their relevance for the Czech Republic. Using the exploratory factor analysis, a research assumption on the lower number of defined areas is verified on the basis of a quantitative approach, compared to the audit mentioned. The research was carried out with 233 respondents. The data analysis showed that the five-factor model is sufficient for a meaningful arrangement of 34 security threats. The article contains all the particulars which are necessary for a scientific intersubjective verification of the results. The results of the exploration factor analysis were achieved using the freely extensible software for exploration factor analysis of ordinal variables – Factor 10.5.01.
Keywords: Exploration factor analysis, polychoric correlation matrix, rotated matrix of loads – PROMIN oblique rotation, Bartlet’s sphericity test, KMO coefficient, McDonald’s omega coefficient of reliability of multi-dimensional factor model, RMSR – square root from residues average.