Drivers Under the Influence of Addictive Substances (alcohol included)
plk. JUDr. Mgr. Michal Holčapek, PhD. student, Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Regional Section České Budějovice, Regional Directory of the Police of the South Bohemian Region

The dynamics of drivers, who drive motor vehicles under the influence of addictive substances, has evinced the constant increase during last years. In practice there are many problems consisting in judging the legal responsibility of drivers, who drive the means of transport under the influence of other addictive substances than alcohol. During the judging the responsibility for this behaviour it is necessary to proceed in the sequence, it means, at first to eliminate, that the driver committed the crime, then to judge whether the driver committed an offence or whether any illegal act has been committed at all.
Keywords: statement, addictive substance, offence, misdemeanour.