Non-lethal Weapons and Their Use in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic
Ing. Roman Kopřiva, pplk. Ing. Janka Kosecová, Ph.D.

University of Defence, Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies
The paper presents the current state of use of non-lethal weapons in the Army of the Czech Republic and the aspects of the possible use of these weapons on a mass scale. This article lists stakeholders interested in developing non-lethal weapons and encouraging their development. Problem tree application identifies a key issue that points directly to the current lack of readiness of the Ministry of Defense to use these weapons. In connection with this fact, the article explains the reasons why non-lethal weapons are recommended to be introduced into the armament of the Czech Army. At the end of the article recommendations for the possible use of non-lethal weapons are presented.
Keywords: non-lethality, non-lethal weapon, lethality, stakeholder, comparative analysis.