Transformation of Czechoslovak and Czech Intelligence Services
doc. JUDr. Ladislav Pokorný, Ph.D. Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security and Law, Department of Criminal Police

Transformation of the intelligence services was closely and sensitively monitored after 1989 particularly. This is an example of legislation specific field discontinuity accompanied with fundamental changes and that can be characterized as a way of non-regulation to regulation. It is also a period which was marked by an attempted application of the fundamental principles of the rule of law in a historically very short time. The paper is devoted to the transition period, during which the first ever statutory regulation of the status and activities of the intelligence services in our country was adopted. The transition was completed in 1994 by the approval of a relatively complex legislation that enshrines the system status and activities of the intelligence services of the Czech Republic, which is basically still valid.
Keywords: Intelligence Services, the Czech Republic, transformation.