The Role of Vision and its Impact on Leadership Development Within The Czech Ministry of Defence
pplk. Ing. Janka Kosecová, Ph.D., University of Defence, Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies
plk. gšt. Ing. Petr Cupák, Military Office of the President of the Republic

The article is aimed at presenting main results of the research of leadership within the military environment, focusing on the current leader profile at a strategic level under the Leadership laws, using the theory developed by the major author John Calvin Maxwell. Further, the way of organizing the vision of the organization and the influence of education on the development of leadership within the Ministry of Defense is presented in more details. The problem is that the organization is currently lacking understanding and implementation of leadership in practice. At the end of the article, recommendations are presented for the development of leadership and minimization of the key issue in the Ministry of Defense. It is a recommendation for the doctrinal embedding of the leadership area in the whole-body scale of the Ministry of Defence, recommendations for the formulation of the vision of the organization and its subsequent proliferation inside and outside the organization. As far as the identified lack of training of strategic leaders is concerned, a variant solution with the possibility of inspiration in a way proven by foreign armed forces and operating in the commercial sphere has been proposed.
Keywords: leader, commander, leadership, mission, vision, educatio.