Identification and factorial organisation of threats to the continuity of public administration activities in the Czech Republic
Ing. Ondřej Bos, Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security Management, Department of Crisis Management
Dr. Zdeněk Kovařík, CSc., Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Science and Research

The presented paper is focused on the assessment of types of threats regarding the continuity of operations in the governmental organizations in the Czech Republic. Input research data are derived from a research of BCM level, on which participated managers and experts of the Czech governmental organizations, Police of the Czech Republic and Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. The objective of the paper is to verify research hypothesis focused on:
a) comparison of research results with the latest results of global threat assessment for securing continuity (BCM Global Horizon Scan),
b) inter-temporal development of assessment of threat perception on a three-year scale and
c) organisation of the 29 types of threats according to their fields of relevance while using quantitative analytical methods – exploratory factor analysis.
Keywords: Business Continuity Management, governmental administration, governmental organization, exploratory factor analysis.