Professional Profile of Chief Officers of the Police of the Czech Republic
kpt. PhDr. Lukáš Miklas, Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security and Law, Department of Criminal Law
Dr. Zdeněk Kovařík, CSc., Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Science and Research

The theme of the article “Professional profile of chief officers of the Police of the Czech Republic” deals with the professional competences of the heads and deputies of the district departments of the Police of the Czech Republic. The aim of the article is to create an overview of the professional key competences of police managers at the stated level of management and to verify the current professional composition of individual competences based on empirical research methods. The article describes the way in which the above-mentioned overview of professional competences is created, especially with the help of exploratory factor analysis. It also contains individual conclusions and backgrounds for the research.
Keywords: competence, head, district department, Police of the Czech Republic, competence model, exploration factor analysis.