Implementation of Police Operations in the Forms of Criminal Police Notice
prof. Ing. Miroslav Lisoň, PhD., JUDr. Adrián Vaško, Academy of the Police Corps in Bratislava, Department of Criminal Police

The results of the applied research show that in police practice the problems in communication among the police officers are registered. They are caused by differences in understanding of the fundament and display of categories which represent their basic instrumentation. Particularly it is obvious during the police communication which constitutes the fundament of functions of international police cooperation. It can be seen quite frequently during the projection of cross border operations. With the purpose to eliminate this negative state and to initiate a scientific discussion, the authors present particular information outcomes from their researches. They characterize ontological and gnoseological characteristics of categories of forms of criminal police cognition and police operations in the content of these outcomes. Using this approach they stress functions of theories which are created in the system of police sciences.
Keywords: criminal police notice, form of criminal police notice, police operations.