Výstupy z projektu My Life after the Crash
(Můj život po nehodě)
Mgr. Jana Neusarová, Ph.D., Univerzita Jana Amose Komenského Praha
Katedra bezpečnostních studií a Katedra andragogiky, České sdružení obětí dopravních nehod

The main aim of the article is to describe the most important results of international European survey with the title “My Life after the Crash” from 2016 and thus to approach the seriousness of crashes consequences on lifes of participating people who were hospitalized consequent on crash. The purpose of the article is not to present exact scientific study because the report has an informative character.
The survey coordinated by Vias Institute and European Federation of Road Traffic Victims showed long-term consequences on lives on participing people in the area of health, psychic, social and economic consequences.
Almost 80 % of people seriously injured (especially pedestrians) have not fully recovered. It had also an important influence on decrease of their capacity to work, the worse work market applicability and decrease of their social status. More than 54 % seriously injured people stayed at home more than 3 months and 50 % of people seriously injured face a loss of revenue of 200 Euro a month. This is also why the Vision Zero is the permanent safety conception of European Federation of Road Traffic Victims and Vias Institute.
The article also presents recommendations concerning improvement of post crash response in Europe which the survey showed like the most effective in Denmark.
Key terms: Vias Institute, České sdružení obětí dopravních nehod (The Czech Association of Traffic Accidents Victims), crashes, accidents, European Federation of Road Traffic Victims, crashes consequences, victims of traffic accidents, prevention, Safe System Approach, Vision Zero, affected people.