Experiences of Czech Citizens with Users of Addictive Substances
PaedDr. Petr Přecechtěl, doc. JUDr. Ivana Zoubková, CSc., Mgr. Tomáš Najman
Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security and Law
Department of Criminology

The objective of this article is to provide actual information about the experience of Czech citizens with users of addictive substances, or to point to the relation between the use of addictive substances and criminality. It is a secondary drug criminality, so a criminal activity committed by persons in different degrees of drug addiction under the pharmacological influence of such substances (or as a result of abstinence) and for the purpose of getting funds for their purchase (criminality related to their acquisition). This article is based on the knowledge of representative sociological research, executed at the end of 2017. In total, 1807 Czech citizens older than 15 years old were interviewed. In both types of secondary drug addiction, a connection between the abuse of drugs was found, in particular of hemp substances, alcohol and meth, and the criminality occurrence, in particular of thefts (most frequently in family, subsequently also outside of family), driving under the influence of drugs, disorderly conduct, damage to other property, fights and harm to health.
Keywords: secondary drug criminality; criminality motives; criminality under the influence of drugs; pharmacological influence of drugs; criminality related to acquisition; proprietary criminality.