European Space for University Education
doc. Ing. Hana Bartošová, CSc.

Postmodern situation and Law Renaissance of the World of Justice
JUDr. Jiří Kratochvíl

To Some of the Problems of Bureaucracy and Bureaucratism 
PhDr. Miroslav Blahout

The Choice of Police Profession (A reseach report)
doc. PhDr. Jiří Víšek, CSc.

Professional Integration of Graduates from the Police Academy of the Czech Republic
doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Rozum, CSc.

Dr. Štefan Danics, PhD.

Extremism – a social phenomenon of many faces 
Lukáš Urban

Legal Regulations Commercial Security Service in France
PaedDr. František Novák

Private Security Agencies. (The New Draft Bill Being Discussed) 
PaedDr. František Novák

doc. PhDr. Ludmila Čírtková, CSc.

Car Identification as an Integral Part of Forensic Engineering
prof. JUDr. Ing. Viktor  Porada, DrSc., ing. Martin Pajer , ing. Roman Rak

Biomechanical Content of Fragments of a Plantogram
doc. PhDr. Jiří Straus, CSc.

The Alert Plan in the Brutal Bullying Burst
Dr. Michal Kolář

The review of Jan Buzalka`s book The Development of the Attitude towards Education and Preparation of the Inhabitants for Civil Defence in the Slovak Republic..
doc. PhDr. Jiří Víšek, CSc.

The review of a publication: Porada, V. Road Accidents in the Police Theory and Practice. . 
doc. PhDr. Jiří Straus, CSc.