The Security Strategy of the Czech Republic in the Context of the Postmodern Global Security
Doc. JUDr. Vladimír Zoubek, CSc.

Security Aspects of the Nontraditional Concept of State Sovereignty
Doc. Dr. Štefan Danics, Ph.D.

The Czech Republic – Integration – Security
Doc. Dr. Štefan Volner, CSc.

The State, Citizen and Police in the Postmodern Age
PhDr. Petr Nesvadba, CSc.

Possibilities of Applying Professional Ethics in the Activities of Security Services
PaedDr. František Novák

Legal Procedure in Public Tender Contracting
Mgr. Eva Klečková

The Concept of a Criminal Act in the Re-codification of the Slovak Criminal Code
Mgr. Petr Volevecký

Experts, Interpreters and Process of the Bankruptcy of the Firm
JUDr. et  Mgr. Petr Kroupa, Ph.D.

Expert Systems – their Making and Use in Police Work
RNDr. Josef Pojer, CSc.

Projects of Security Systems
JUDr. Jan Uhlář

The Use of the Mass Media in the Search for the Offenders of Murders and Robberies
JUDr. Nikolaj Hrib., Bc Zdeněk Bárta

Years 2000-2016