Space  of Freedom, Security  and Law in the Draft Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe
Doc. JUDr. Bohumil Pikna, CSc.

Schengen Borders Code
Doc. JUDr. Bohumil Pikna, CSc.

New Approaches in the Theory of Trace Evidence and Identification in Relation with Verification in Criminal Proceedings.
prof. JUDr. Ing. Viktor Porada, DrSc., plk. prof. PhDr. Jiří Straus, DrSc.,
prof. JUDr. Jozef Madliak, CSc.

Scent Trace
JUDr. Nikolaj Hrib

Several Notes on the Management of Change at the Police
Ing. Ľubica Baričičová, PhD.Ing. Milan Kný, CSc.

The problem of “otherness” as the premise of the discourse of multiculturalism
PhDr. Petr Nesvadba, CSc.

False Victims
doc. PhDr. Ludmila Čírtková, CSc.

Traffic accident rate and the principle of the limit confidence in the traffic
JUDr. Miroslav  Polcar

Reflections on the security science
RNDr. Dana Procházková, DrSc., prof. Ing. Bedřich Šesták, DrSc.

Private Security Services in the Slovak Republic under the Supervision the Ministry of Interior and Police
PaedDr. František Novák

Insight into the Israeli Concept  of Internal Security – the Middle East Inspiration
npor. Mgr. David Zámek, ppor. JUDr. Martin Bohman

Security audit in organizations
Doc. PhDr. Stanislav Nečas, CSc., JUDr. Milan Seiler