Criminalistics and Forensic Disciplines – Topical Questions
prof. PhDr. Jiří Straus, DrSc.

Juvenile Delinquency – Causes and Solutions
doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Rozum, CSc.

Evaluation of Public Projects Efficiency in Department of Security Sectors 
Mgr. František Hřebík, doc. Ing. PhDr. Karel Šrédl, CSc.

Information Security and the Right to Free Access to Information
JUDr. Štěpán Kalamár, doc. RNDr. Josef Požár, CSc.

Does A Human Being Represent The Threat To The Information System?
Ing. Jan Drtil

Indoctrination and Islamists Recruitment in Cyberspace
Jiří Hodný, Ph.D.

Draining Proceeds of Crime from the Point of View of Police, Public Prosecutor and Judge
Dr. Ján Šugár, CSc.

Biomechanical Analysis of Direct Hit – Pilot Study
prof. PhDr. Jiří Straus, DrSc.,  pplk. JUDr. Zdeněk Sadílek, Mgr. Lucie Filipenská

An Unusual Behaviour by Driver after an Accident with a Pedestrian
Ing. Aleš Vémola, Ph.D.

The Influence of Impri-Sonment on Motivation Changes of the Convicts – Comparative Study
PhDr. Slavomil Fischer, Ph.D., MUDr. Ilja Žukov, CSc., PhDr. Radek Ptáček, Ph.D.,

Situation and Perspectives of Penal Law and Penitentiary System in Latvia
doc. PhDr. Stanislav Nečas, CSc.

Different Administrative Offence  
doc. JUDr. Eva Horzinková, Ph.D.

Legal Acting of The Entrepreneur Statutory Representatives 
JUDr. Eva Klečková

Rent Apartment – Prevention of Nullity of Rent Contract
JUDr. Mgr. Jan Bajura

Recenzion of Academic Textbook „Crisis Management in public Goverment“
doc. Vladimír Blažek, CSc.

Recenzion of  Monography „Recognition”
prof. PhDr. Jiří Straus, DrSc.

Information of International Workshop of Migration on Slovakia
doc. JUDr. Vladimír Zoubek, CSc.

Information of International Conference „Changes of Law in Central Europe“
doc. JUDr. Vladimír Zoubek, CSc.