Impact of the Strategic Focus of the Czech and Saxon Police Forces on the Mutual Cooperation 
JUDr. Jörg Petermann

New Possibilities for Influencing Crime 
doc. JUDr. Roman Svatoš, Ph.D.

Smart Administration – E-Revolution? 
JUDr. Zdeněk Fiala, Ph.D., JUDr. Tereza Jonáková

Dilemma as an Ethical-Philosophical and Psychological Topic 
PhDr. Petr Nesvadba, CSc.

Legislation and Legal Practice of the Right to Freedom of Assembly in Czech Conditions 
JUDr. Aleš Zpěvák

Crime Analysis Instruction Manual 
Mgr. Vladimír Oliberius

Current Approaches to Tackle the Issue of Football Hooliganism in the Czech republic 
kpt. JUDr. Petr Kouřil

Demography and Security Forces: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 
Mgr. Oldřich Krulík, Ph.D.

Reasons and Impact of Municipal Police Forces Disbands in Some Municipalities in the Czech Republic 
Bc. Ondřej Werich

Actuality: New Internal Security Ministry on Iceland 
Mgr. Oldřich Krulík, Ph.D.

Top police management course – Kašperské Hory 6. – 9. 4. 2014 
PhDr. Ing. Viktor Červený, Ph.D.