Detection and Identification of the Crimes Having an Extremist Context 
pplk. Mgr. Barbora Vegrichtová, MBA

Some Questions About Victimization Syndromes 
doc. PhDr. Ludmila Čírtková, CSc.

Does a Police Officer Have a Duty to Inform Administrative Authority About His Membership in the State Security Service in a Case of Commiting a Misdemeanour? 
JUDr. Zdeněk Fiala, Ph.D., Mgr. Kristýna Benešová

Vulnerability of Postmodern Society 
Mgr. Štěpán Strnad

Energy Policy in Europe: Turbulences on the Horizon 
Mgr. Lukáš Harazin, prof. Ing. Bedřich Šesták, DrSc.; Mgr. Oldřich Krulík, Ph.D.

Threats and new Challenges to Ensure the Security of the Czech Republic 
Mgr. Martin Linhart

A Few Notes to the Criminal Offence of Failure to Provide Help 
JUDr. Miroslav Polcar, Ph.D.

Necessary Defence 
doc. JUDr. František Novotný, CSc., JUDr. Petr Hulinský, Ph.D.

The Far-Right and the Populists in the European Parliament
PhDr. Ladislava Tejchmanová, CSc.

Emergency Response Coordination Centre as the Successor to the Monitoring and Information Centre
Mgr. Lenka Jakubcová; Mgr. Oldřich Krulík, Ph.D.

“Frost Apocalypse” in Slovenia and the Aid Provided by the Czech Republic 
Tomáš Čech, DiS.