Instructions to authors

The periodical “Security Theory and Practice” accepts first of all original research articles. Additionally the articles of informative character are accepted as well. The submitted articles have to correspond to the journal subject matter specified in the introductory part.

Manuscripts can be submitted in Czech, Slovak, English, German or Russian languages.

Original research article

  • brings original research findings stating theoretical outputs, basic project requisites (as a rule – introduction, subject matter, research objective, goal and research tasks, hypotheses or research prerequisites, research methods and data analyses, results, discussions, conclusions). The original research article is thus a very condensed form of the research output that enables the reader to get acquainted with the results reached in the context with the general research approach. The extent is of up to 20 pages.


  • is a type of an article concerning a specialized issue not proceeding from the scientific research, nevertheless it provides expert information on the relevant issue. The extent is of up to 10 pages.

The editorial board does not accept the papers already published or offered to be published, in case the paper is of the same wording and extent.

The papers are peer-reviewed. The reviewer´s opinion is sent to the author by e-mail.  The reviewer recommends or does not recommend the paper to be published.

On the basis of the review opinions the editorial board makes the decision which particular periodical issue the paper will be published in. In case the laid down extent is not kept to the paper could be returned to the author.

Technical requirements for the articles

  • papers should be sent on the e-mail address: in Word,
  • text of the article should be unbroken without hyphenation; page layout – left and right 2.5 cm, 3 cm above, 3 cm below, 2 cm footer; Arial font, size 12; heading 18 points (24 points above and 18 points below the title); footnote Arial font 11 (example available at the e-mail address,
  • the notes to the text and the links to the cited literature are placed under the line automatically using Word and are numbered on each page beginning with number 1,
  • when referring to literature it is necessary to follow the principles of citing specialist literature according to the valid CSN,
  • single passages of the text are highlighted as needed – it is possible to use italics, bold text (but not to underline) and other graphic designs for a better legibility of the text,
  • authors enter their e-mail address, workplace address and the phone number or another contact
  • authors are responsible for ensuring that their paper does not contain any secret information.

Paper´s structure

  • the author´s name / authors´names (first name and surname) with the titles-degrees and the current workplace,
  • title of the paper (no highlighting), typeface size 18,
  • text of the paper,
  • list of literature,
  • brief annotation of the paper in Czech and English languages (3 – 6 lines),
  • key words expressing the crucial terms of the paper in Czech and English languages (maximum 5 – 6 words),
  • contact information including e-mail addresses of all authors.

By keeping to these principles it is possible to reduce the time between submitting and publishing the paper in the periodical.

The Editorial Board of the periodical of The Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague