COVID-19, its Impacts on Terrorism and Violent Extremism and Unconventional Protective Measures
doc. Ing. Jozef Sabol, DrSc., doc. Mgr. Oldřich Krulík, Ph.D., Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security Management, Department of Crisis Management

The study aims to bring readers closer to the issue of highly contagious diseases (especially COVID-19), especially if this aspect is in some way correlated with the issue of CBRN (in this case with emphasis on biological agents). As far as the topic is relatively new, there are already several interesting foreign or transnational studies that deal with the issue. A total of ten main studies and a number of others to which these studies refer were presented to domestic audiences in an annotated manner. Attention is paid primarily to the role that the current pandemic plays in relation to the radicalization of the public and its possible inclination towards terrorism and violent extremism.

Keywords: Pandemic Covid-19, CBRN, protection of persons, misuse of corona-virus, radicalization, terrorism, violent extremism.