Dysfunctional Family as a Risk Ractor in the Social Development of Youth
PhDr. Sabina Doubková, Diagnostic Institute and Center of Institutional Treatment Centre in Prague
Dr. Zdeněk Kovařík, CSc., Police Academy of Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Science and Research

This article presents the main results of the empirical research focusing on the occurrence of key factors of a family environment and its effects on the risk behaviour of the research group. The main objective of the research was to discover which factors of the family environment have the biggest influence on the social development of the research sample of youth. In order to reveal the influence of the selected factors on the risk behaviour of the target group, this research was conducted on a group of 50 female youths placed by court into selected diagnostic institution.
Key words: child, dysfunction of family environment, family, family functions, risk behaviour, risk factor, social development, social deviances, youth.