Philosophy of Cognition. Knowledge Management to Criminal Intelligence
KNÝ Milan, ANDERLE Jan: 

Crisis development of the world economy and other attributes of the contemporary society foment increased needs of competitive information for subjects that are to stand the test. This phenomenon can be found not only among business subjects but also in the public sector as well as in the security field. The legitimate world permanently competes with the illegitimate world – criminal underground and no wonder that business intelligence has outgrown into criminal intelligence.
Both the priority acquirement of data, information and knowledge have become the subject matter. The published, disclosed information become part of the knowledge shared by all people. They can become a clue to wisdom and to the salvation of the strategy of the mankind and the man. Controversy of the paper ranges between the abstract and the concrete aiming at relieving thought dealing with the problem of theory and practice rather than enriching them by findings.
Keywords: cognition, knowledge management, criminal intelligence, crime, information, knowledge engineering