Some Important Aspects in Professional Development of Policemen
Slabý, Antonín:

In Czech society, relatively large consensus dominance between expert public and laic public about Police of Czech Republic does not work even 18 years after fall of totality just as it should work. Imaginary debt of police‘s transformation from totalitarian repressive authority to modern police body oriented at public service is persisting without end. This deficit is still multiplied by rapid development of all aspects of Czech society to which police doesn’t cope to adapt. In part told with exaggeration, police could be not only traditionally stepped behind criminals but also behind Czech public. The benefit is concerned with problems of education of specific category’s staff, which policemen without question are. It summarizes present condition and simultaneously it warns of need for change and need for apply modern principles which are commonly used in education field.
Keywords: management, management education, manager education, Police of Czech Republic.