The Issue of the Genesis and Evolution of Political Islam: Modernization, Migration, Urbanization, Devotion
TUČEK, Leoš:

The main aim of the given text is to put into a context the notions of political and global Islam in a way trying to re-interpret the notion of modernization. It seems to be a more appropriate way describing  political Islam as a result of a form of the modern struggle for the Islamic state. The notion mentioned above does not correspond to the notion of global Islam, which is in accordance with the complex development of the Muslim society and represents the efforts for the transformation of the Muslim society into the Islamic one under the conditions of globalization.While the attempt to establish an Islamic state can be interpreted as an extreme response of a particular political opposition to the problems of a partial project of modernization (migration, urbanization…), the attempt to establish the Islamic society can be interpreted as a moral utopia having found the matrix in the rootless modernized Muslim society, or as an attempt to islamize the modernness under the conditions of global processes endangering the modernized Muslim societies with the loss of  culture.
Key words: islam, islamiasmus, migration, urbanization, panislamismus, devotion, šaríja.