Scent Trace
Hrib, Nikolaj:

The contemporary level of understanding in the field of identification according to scent has reached such standards and was verified in practice that it allows us to put into action a qualitative change in organisation and institutional hierarchy of the scent-detection centres of the Police of the Czech Republic, which means their transformation from scent-detection centres to expert institutions. And at the same time upgrade the professional activities of policemen to experts in the field of forensic odorology and kynology. That is done on the bases of regular training at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic, and flowingly examined by a panel of experts, which is allowed to confer a status of an expert, similar to other disciplines of criminalistics techniques. This all would simultaneously lead to re-classification of scent trace to evidence, which is in contrast with the contemporary state when scent trace is only viewed as ancillary evidence because it is possible to re-examine the scent trial. Furthermore scent trace can be verified by a dog, by an objective expert opinion and if necessary by expertise.
Key words: scent trace, scent evidence container, identification of scent.