Perceiving the Relevance of Security Threats
Mgr. Lenka Jakubcová, prof. Ing. Bedřich Šesták, DrSc., Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Faculty of Security Management, Department of Crisis Management
Dr. Zdeněk Kovařík, CSc., Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, Department of Science and Research

This paper deals with selected determinants which influence the perception of the relevance of security threats to the Czech Republic. The results of the analysis are based on empirical research, attended by a total of 127 respondents with various professional orientation in the security branch. Finding the exact demonstrable influence of professional orientation was accomplished by comparing the substantively significant effects of the influence of professional orientation on the individual factor scores of five common factors (T-scores) according to the Jacob Cohen Index, with the lower limit of the index d ? 0.5.
Keywords: Security threats, factor scores, substantive significance, indexes of substantive significance, Cohen’s d.