Trends in the Fusion of PoliceAactivities and Information and Communication Technologies
Dr. h. c. doc. JUDr. Lucia Kurilovská, PhD., Dr. h. c., Institute of State and Law SAS Academy of the Police Corps in Bratislava, plk. Ing. Stanislav Šišulák, PhD., Academy of the Police Corps in Bratislava

The article deals with new trends in the fusion of implementation of relevant data and mutual communication for police activities within the Police Corps. It provides real-time command and control solutions and describes the use of real-time video analysis, the benefits of video-synopsis, an analytical system for detecting and investigating crime, and the computerization of police intervention. Concluding, it points to the necessity of using electronic tools in the Police Corps in the context of innovative methods of detecting and clarifying crime.
Keywords: analysis, crime, video recording, detection, real time, localization, control, police intervention, monitoring.